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An ergonomic and intuitive menu

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Octopush provides you with an ergonomic and intuitive menu, distributed by applications.
Thus, it is as easy to browse our interface as it is your smartphone.

You will note that didactic chips (a figure in a green or violet chip) guide you by indicating the tasks that you still have to do, and informing you about any operations under way.

The chip which is located on the "Pro Menu" icon indicates the sum of your notifications.

  • Balance
Click on this button and a board will be displayed indicating the quantity of Premium SMS you have left and the equivalent in Standard quality.

You will also have an access button for the "credit transfer" section, which will enable you to complete SMS transfers to the accounts of beneficiaries.

Here are the details of the contents of each column:

  • Home
Go to this section to find all your notifications.
  • SMS campaign
Plan your SMS campaign here.
It is really easy to choose your text, contacts and options for sending SMS in an instant.
  • Prices / Order
Take advantage of our gradually decreasing prices to purchase SMS which are always cheaper with Octopush.
Use the "Tailor-made pack" to purchase SMS to the exact unit.
  • Contacts lists
Add your contact list and use our cleansing options (deletion of doubles, stops, wrong numbers...)

Here are the options offered to you to manage your lists.

  • New list
  • Load an excel (.xls) file
  • Add a membre
  • Delete doublons
  • Manage Stops
  • Delete failed n°
  • Delete checked n°
  • SMS campaign
  • Export the list
  • Delete french n°
  • Delete non french n°
  • Delete the list
  • Invoices
Your invoices are located here. Locate the list of your purchases, with details about SMS prices per country.
  • Statistics
Follow up your communication operations thanks to all our tables and statistical graphs.
Number of campaigns, number of SMS sent, number of SMS transmitted, received, rejected... It is all within your reach!
  • Template
Create your SMS campaign model and save time!
Your text, your recipients and your options are already loaded. SMS are sent with a single click.
  • Histories
Consult the history of your SMS campaigns here. The display is simple and quick to read. Also access the dispatch status (deliveries)
  • Scheduled campaigns
When you are planning a campaign, you have up to an hour to cancel it.
Go to this section to cancel an SMS campaign that you no longer wish to send.
  • User profile
Fill in your details and the information about your company related to invoicing.
  • SMS Alerts
So that your account does no run out without you receiving a notification, consider setting a notification threshold!
As soon as this is reached, you will receive an e-mail reminding you to top up your account.
  • Suggestions
Vous pouvez nous transmettre totues vos suggestions ici. Ceci peut nous aider à améliorer votre interface.
En tant qu'utilisateur régulier, vous êtes notre meilleur conseiller pour nos améliorations.
  • Log out
Log out on account of concerns about security.
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