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The success of your Marketing SMS campaign in 5 steps.

Brands are advertising more and more by SMS. Here is some advice before you send advertising SMS.

Setting out the SMS campaign objective

Mobile Marketing offers you a whole range of advertising solutions.

- Do you simply want to provide information?
- Do you want to send a commercial offer or provide details about balances?
- Do you want to make appointments by being reminded?
- Would you like your potential customers to access a website via a link in your SMS ?
- Would you like your potential custom to reply to your SMS, and process these responses?

Octopush advises that you use direct Marketing for your SMS campaign.

Establishing the target

Do you have a qualified database of recipients?
Would you like to solicit the custom of potential new customers? In this case, you must make the OPT IN database rental request.
The French telephone network contains 5 million qualified OPT IN telephone numbers.

We would advise that you use your customer databases. The success of your SMS campaign will be highly satisfying.

Drafting the message

The strength of the SMS resides in its conciseness. You must use 160 characters in your SMS in the most relevant way possible.

You must:

- identify yourself

- use the information about your recipients at your disposal (Surname, first name, status...). A recipient who knows that you know him will be more sensitive to your message than if he feels that he has been randomly targeted.

- indicate what the offer being proposed is. Make your offer interesting and, if possible, available only to recipients of the SMS campaign

- indicate contact information (postal address, telephone number of internet site)

Do not hesitate to play around with capital letters and punctuation to highlight the various parts.

Choosing the most appropriate time to send your sms

Correctly choose your peak audience time.

- Avoid Sundays and bank holidays. A potential customer who feels pestered will not receive your message under the best possible circumstances.

- Avoid early morning or late evening times.

- Do not send your SMS too much in advance of your event. Simply allow a minimum amount of time for your potential customers to prepare themselves.

Following up the SMS campaign

Consult the return rates of your offers, and compare these return rates to the texts of your campaigns. You will therefore establish the messages which have been most persuasive.

Octopush offers you the chance of receiving deliveries if you send a Premium SMS. But you can propose an offer subject to the presentation of the SMS, or even establish a voucher code in your SMS.
You may therefore very accurately define any feedback from your SMS campaign.
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