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Code Entitled
000 OK
100 POST request missing.
101 Incorrect login details.
102 Your SMS exceeds 160 characters
103 Your message has no recipients
104 You have run out of credit.
105 You don't have enough credit on your balance, but your last order is waiting for being validated
106 You have entered the Sender incorrectly. 3 to 11 characters, chosen from 0 to 9, a to z, A to Z. No accent, space or punctuation.
107 The text of your message is missing.
108 You have not entered your login details.
109 You have not entered your password.
110 You have not entered the list of recipient.
111 You have not chosen a way to enter your recipients.
112 You have not defined the quality of your message.
113 Your account is not validated. Log in Octopush and go to the "User interface" section.
114 You are under investigation for the fraudulent use of our services.
115 The recipient number is different from the number of one of the parameters that you have related it to.
116 The mailing option only works by using a contact list.
117 Your recipient list contains no correct numbers. Have you formatted your numbers by including the international dialling code? Contact us if you have any problems.
118 You must tick one of the two boxes to indicate if you do not wish to send test SMS or if you have correctly received and validated it.
119 You cannot send SMS with more than 160 characters for this type of SMS
120 A SMS with the same request_id has already been sent.
121 In Premium SMS, the mention "STOP au XXXXX" is mandatory and must belong to your text (respect the case).
122 In Standard SMS, the mention "no PUB=STOP" is mandatory and must belong to your text (respect the case).
123 The field request_sha1 is missing.
124 The field request_sha1 does not match. The data is wrong, or the query string contains an error or the frame contains an error : the request is rejected.
125 An undefined error has occurred. Please contact support.
126 An SMS campaign is already waiting for approval to send. You must validate or cancel it in order to start another.
127 An SMS campaign is already being processed. You must wait for processing to be completed in order to start another.
128 Too many attempts have been made. You need to start a new campaign.
129 Campaign is being built.
130 Campagne has not been set as finished.
131 Campaign not found.
132 Campaign sent.
133 The user_batch_id has already been used
150 No country was found for this prefix.
151 The recipient country is not part of the countries serviced by Octopush.
152 You cannot send low cost SMS to this country. Choose Premium SMS
153 The route is congested. This type of SMS cannot be dispatched immediately. If your order is urgent, please use another type of SMS.
201 This option is only available on request. Do not hesitate to request access if you need it.
202 The email account you wish to credit is incorrect.
203 You already have tokens in use. You can only have one session open at a time.
204 You specified a wrong token.
205 The number of text messages you want to transfer is too low.
206 You may not run campaigns during a credit transfer.
207 You do not have access to this feature.
208 Wrong type of SMS.
209 You are not allowed to send SMS messages to this user.
210 This email is not specified in any of your sub accounts or affiliate users.
211 This email is not valid.
300 You are not authorized to manage your lists by API.
301 You have reached the maximum number of lists.
302 A list with the same name already exists.
303 The specified list does not exist.
304 The list is already full.
305 There are too many contacts in the query.
306 The requested action is unknown.
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